Thursday, 21 August 2014

Leech Therapy @ Nadipathy kakinada. 21-08-14

Leech Therapy Success @ Nadipathy 21-08-2014.

Dearest all,
Would like to share with you all that the Leech Therapeutic treatment conducted on today is a grand success  with more than 30 Patients of different ailments had taken the treatment. The majority of the treatment was on Gangrene, body pains, blood Clots, Varicose veins, Filiarisys, wounds and Skin Disease.
Nadipathy research Foundation has conducted this Therapeutic treatment to create an awareness program among the people and the society, Dr.P.Krishnam Raju - Chairman and Managing Director of Nadipathy Research Foundation speaking that this treatment is already popular in many developed countries in UK, USA and other European countries. Quoting to this in India the Leech therapy to cleanse the bad spores of the feet in a tub is one among the ancient therapies and is very popular now.
Dr.Raju told that Nadipathy research Foundation is committed to being many ancient Indian therapies that are Eco Friendly and easy to cure many chronic diseases without any medicines, X-Rays, Scanning, and Surgeries.

Dr.P.Krishnam Raju,
Nadipathy, Kakinada.

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